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Lantern slides showing movie theater etiquette and announcements, circa 1912.

 Excellent podcast etiquette for today as well, IOHO. Please, applaud with hands only as you listen to our latest

All images via Library of Congress.

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A postcard for start of new school year by artist L.Härm, 1968

A striped cat is a well known teacher of Estonian children, as everyone knows the verse:

Meie kiisul kriimud silmad,
istus metsas kännu otsas.
Piip oli suus ja kepp oli käes,
kutsus lapsi lugema.
Kes ei mõistnud lugeda,
see sai tukast sugeda.
Kes see luges aru sai,
sellele ta tegi pai.

Our cat has striped eyes
he sat in forest on tree stump.
Pipe in his mouth, stick in his hand,
he called children to read.
Who did not know how to read,
got pulled by hair.
Who was able to read and understand,
got petted by the cat.

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A first day of school year postcard by artist V.Pirk, 1966

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Ariane Extraordinaire Catalog 1962

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Members of the Women’s Flying Training Detachment at Avenger Field Sweetwater, Teas, 1943

"Their main job was to take over male pilot’s jobs, such as ferrying planes from factories to Army Air Force installations, in order to free male pilots to fight overseas.” - Wikipedia

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Louise Brooks and Evelyn Brent

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The Black Victorians | Circa Late 1800s

Source: My Ancestor’s Name

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St. Nicholas, October 1922 by totallymystified on Flickr.

Illustration by Harold Sichel.

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~ Sugar Information, Inc., 1966

"Play safe with your young ones - make sure they get sugar every day."

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Strolling on the beach in Baritz c.1933 

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